This enrolment form is for The Gardens School.

Please ensure you have read the Enrolment procedure on The Gardens School website 

This is a provisional enrolment form based on the following information being provided to the school:
Please provide a photocopy and the original (to be sighted) of the following documents for this child:
1)  4 x verification documents as proof of your in zone address. 
2)  Copy of NZ Birth Certificate or NZ Passport (if NZ citizen).
3)  Copy of Australian Passport (if Australian citizen) .
4)  Copy of NZ Residency Permit or valid copy of NZ Student Visa/Permit of the student and Work Permit of the parent (if the child is not a NZ citizen).
5)  Immunisation certificate

Student Details

Student's Address
Living Arrangements

Contact 1

This is the Primary Contact for this student.

Contact 2

This is the Secondary Contact for this student.

Contact 3

Emergency Contacts

This must be a person other than Contact 1 or Contact 2.


Please indicate if this student has any specific medical conditions.

Please indicate if this student has any allergies.

ESOL (if applicable)