This enrolment form is for Gulf Harbour School.

IMPORTANT - Please read the information below before completing the Consent Section of the enrolment form

Your acceptance to the content of the following agreements will remain in place for the life time of your child’s schooling at Gulf Harbour school. By accepting the agreement you will have confirmed that you have read and understood their content as written below or in the digital links.These documents are to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the students at our school. They include our Digital Citizenship User Agreement (which includes the student agreement, parent declaration, email usage permission and the student image permission ) and our EOTC (Education outside the classroom) agreement for local trips.

By completing the Gulf Harbour School enrolment form for your child, you will also consent to the sharing of learning and pastoral information with any school or learning institution to which he/she is transferring. The sharing of this information will assist future teachers and administrators in ensuring the best education for your child.

The information from the enrolment document may be shared with and may be seen by the GHS staff where necessary. The data will be stored on your child’s secure digital file on LINC ED for the duration of their time at our school. The information will only be taken off the data base at such time as the students account becomes inactive or a request from another school is made for information as part of an inter school transition request.

We will endeavour to remind all parents at the start of each year about the consent/agreement documents and advise you of any amendments if necessary. At any point you can request changes or withdraw your consent by submitting a written notice to or by dropping it into the front office.

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